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Thursday, April 24, 2014

P90X3 - Day 16

The last few days have been tough.  I haven't wanted to get up early. I haven't wanted to eat well. I haven't wanted to really do much of anything to be honest.  My body is tired and I have felt like I needed a break from a lot of things.  My workouts the last couple of days have been kind of half-assed and today was no different.  I felt a little better than the day prior but not by much.

The workout was yoga and as I've said before, I'm not that flexible.  And because it's only 30 minutes I don't really feel like I'm in each position long enough for it to be doing me any good.  It's a decent stretch, but I don't feel like its really benefiting me much other than that.  At least it's not 90 minutes long like in P90X.  That I felt like was too long, but only because of the time factor.  It was hard to fit it in the day.  Other than that I like it better than P90X3 yoga.

I am still eating fairly well and am feeling better because of it.  I like not feeling like I am going to fall asleep after each meal.  I like feeling satisfied and not terribly full.  And I am losing weight so that's a good thing.  I think drinking as much water as I have lately has helped me feel full and has kind of detoxed me from a lot of the garbage that stays in your body after junk food.

Tomorrow is Two-A-Day Thursday with pushups and pullups in the morning and climbing in the evening.  Hopefully I feel a bit stronger and can keep up with the climbing in the evening.  My goal is 50 pullups and 100 pushups for my morning workout.  Last week I got close, but this week I want to get it.  It's been a while since I was able to push and pull like that so seeing myself improve here would be a big win for me.  Plus it'll help me with my climbing as well.  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

P90X3 - Day 15

Well today sucked big time.  I stayed up too late on Monday night and when it came time to get up today I really didn't want to, nor did I have the energy to.  I got up anyway and half-assed my workout.  I felt terrible all the way around.  My knees hurt a bit with all the jumping of the workout and every other excuse I could find, I used too.  That feeling carried with me through the whole day.  I didn't eat too terribly bad, but not good by any means.  I only got through 2/3 of the water I wanted to mostly because I just wanted to be lazy.

I am recognizing that however my morning goes, so the rest of my day also goes.  I need to be diligent about going to bed at a reasonable time and getting up and working out with a positive attitude.  I know I'll have an off day here and there, but I need to do what I can on the off days to stay as positive as possible.

I'm hoping tomorrow will be better.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

P90X3 - Day 14

Monday mornings are typically hated by all.  Yesterday, though, I was ready for a workout.  I felt terrible after eating like garbage on Easter and was ready to get back on track.  6 a.m. came around and I practically jumped out of bed for the workout.  My wife, however, not so much.  She hurt her back the day before so she was gonna have to lie low.  At least she came downstairs to keep me company.

I definitely killed the workout.  I pushed it probably as hard I could and felt good doing it.  Some of the exercises are hard to keep up with, but I felt better doing them than I have the last two weeks.  Its was good for me to feel a bit stronger.  I expected to be a bit more tired than normal with how hard I worked in the morning, but that feeling stayed with me the rest of the day and I felt pretty good.

I ate fairly well all day and had all of the water I was supposed to.  Probably more if I really counted every sip I had throughout the day.  We had a sugary dessert at bible study in the evening, but I had only one bite and a small one at that.  I did crave quite a bit more, but I am trying to change my habits and I know that keeping myself in check will go a long way toward achieving my goals.  I'm almost halfway through the first 30 days and while my weight keeps bouncing up and down, I do feel a bit stronger and feel like I look a little bit more defined so I can tell its not all for nothing.  The weight will come off as I continue to make changes to my diet.  I am looking forward seeing the changes in my 30 day photos and measurements.

It is by far one of the most fun programs that I have been through.  I love that it's only 30 minutes a day and that it is a good balance of weight and cardio.  I just have to keep up my motivation and effort level.

Monday, April 21, 2014

P90X3 - Day 13

REST DAY!!!!  and thank goodness too.  Easter festivities are in full swing and there is literally no time to workout today.  The hardest part is going to be keeping right on the diet.  My mom loves to cook and I love her food so it's definitely going to be a challenge.  At the same time.... I'm going to treat it like a cheat day and eat a little more than I have lately.  I'm sure it'll be a setback, but my plan is to not let it set me back too much.

P90X3 - Day 12

Saturday workouts are hard.  I want to get up early and get my workout in like the rest of the week, but I also want to sleep in just a little bit because I don't HAVE to get up early.  I don't really mind working out later in the day, but I find that if I get too deep into my day, I find all kinds of excuses not to workout.  It's kind of a Catch-22.

Anyway, we slept in just a little bit and around 9 a.m. started in on our workout.  30 minutes went by so fast!  But the workout was still fantastic.  I felt a little stronger this week than the week prior, but my heart rate was through the roof! I had to take a break here and there too keep it under control.  I think it partly had something to do with me going out for a few beers with a friend the night before.  I think my body was busy processing the alcohol and sugar while I was working out and increased my heart rate.  Definitely something to remember.

I am so thankful for a day that I can rest for a while.  After the workout in the morning, I was able to keep things low key around the house and just do a few honey-do's and watch a TV show while the kiddo took a nap.  We still had fun hanging out with each other, but we didn't really do a heck of a lot.  I needed the rest day for sure!

I was able to keep up with my water intake and am actually finding that my body craves the water when I'm not drinking it.  I don't really find it all that difficult to do anymore and as long as I keep my water bottle nearby it's pretty easy to keep track of and make sure I reach my goal.  I have to say that the longer I do this, the easier it seems to get and the better I feel.   I practically enjoy getting up earlier each day and going to bed a little earlier each night.  And on top of it all.... I feel stronger, my clothes are fitting differently, and I feel like I am starting to look a little different.  It's pretty amazing how it all fits together.

Friday, April 18, 2014

P90X3 - Day 11

Two-a-day-Thursday was brutal!  The early morning workout went well.  It was back-to-back pull-ups and push-ups which is something I feel like, if I can get better at, will definitely help me with my climbing.  The final two minutes of the workout is what Tony calls "Burnout".  It is non-stop 1 pull-up, 3 push-ups, over and over again.  I was able to do 5 rounds even though the last two rounds I was only able to muster 2 push-ups each time.

The rest of the day my upper body was TIRED.  I calculated that during the 30 minute workout in the morning I did a collective 43 pull-ups and 93 push-ups, so it was a bit warranted that I was tired.  I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to climb as well, but I tried to drink as much water as I could to help my body recover a bit before breaking it down again.

I've been doing pretty well eating lately.  Nothing two out of the ordinary, shakeology for breakfast, mostly street taco's or salads for lunch, and a good healthy dinner (chicken and veggies).  I've refrained completely from soda's and sugary drinks.  In fact, I really haven't had much sugar at all.  Although, I did have a few bites of my daughters ice cream cone the other day.  I had to prevent it from dripping all over the place.  I've seriously never seen anyone eat ice cream so slowly in my whole life.  It's pretty darn cute though.

Climbing went okay.  My finger still hurts and having to tape it up to climb doesn't allow me to feel or grip quite as well, so that's a negative.  The morning workout definitely wore me out.  I was able to climb pretty well, but I would get so tired toward the top of any problem that it made it difficult to commit to the moves, so I would typically jump down.  But at least I was up there having fun and working hard.

It was a late night with the climbing and the neighbor kid was up screaming again last night.  I really need to talk to them and ask them to shut their window when that happens.  That's a tough conversation to have. My daughter also woke up in the middle of the night.  I think she had a bad dream so my wife and I didn't sleep well at all.  When 6 a.m. came around neither one of us had the energy to get up and workout.  Unfortunately, I don't have another time today to work out so I will have to double up tomorrow and take Sunday as a rest day.  It'll be okay.

Overall I feel like my body is changing.  I feel like I see a difference in the mirror and feel like my clothes fit slightly different.  I'll be excited to take the 30 day measurements and pictures to see if I have actually changed or if it's just my own perception.  The first two weeks have gone by pretty quickly and I have really enjoyed the workouts so I am hoping it continues.


WE SQUEEZED IN THE WORKOUT!!!  I took off work a little early and we were able to squeeze in our workout between work and church.  I am so glad we did that.  I really didn't want to double-up my workout on Saturday.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

P90X3 - Day 10

Yoga!!  Another rough morning getting out of bed, but we did it.  Better late than never, so the saying goes.  I did/attempted practically all the movements in the workout, but boy am I tight.  Yesterday I was able to touch the ground during the cooldown portion of the workout and thought that meant that I would be able to do it again today.  Not so much.  Probably because it was so early in the morning, but I was tighter than I expected.  All the stretching was good though.  It felt good to be up working out and felt even better to be able to do more of the workout than I could last week.  There is a part of me that thinks I would benefit from doing the original P90X yoga, though.  Just because it is longer and by the end of the first half I am drenched in sweat.  Maybe I'll try doing that one after the first 90 days.

It was nice to go through the day without a workout looming overhead.  It made my evening so much easier to think about and enjoyable knowing that I didn't have that still needing to be done.

I totally left the house without my water bottle again today and because I had quite a few meetings I totally failed on my water intake for the day.  I am noticeably hungrier and more tired because of it.  My body has somewhat become dependent on drinking so much water.  I know I have said this a TON, but I am really enjoying the changes I am making right now.  I feel like I am actually doing things with a purpose rather than just to satisfy a desire.

Tomorrow I will get back on track with the water.  Tomorrow is also two-a-day-thursday!  I will get together with a few pals and go rock climbing for a couple of hours tomorrow night.  I am really looking forward to it.  I went climbing twice last week and my finger felt pretty good, and I was able to climb really hard.  I am looking forward to getting back in the gym and send a couple of problems that I wasn't able to the other day.  I just hope the push-ups and pull-ups tomorrow don't wear me out too much!